A sun yellow with anger


September, 3rd - October, 24th


Beirut has witnessed a devastating explosion on August 4, 2020. Our gallery is located a mere kilometer away from the blast: our team was miraculously unharmed, and we did not have any exhibition on view at the time, but the space was completely destroyed.

We’re looking around us and, three weeks later, Beirut has disappeared from the headlines, but its people are still dealing with losses, death, missing persons, destroyed houses, lifelong injuries, amidst the worst economic and sanitary crisis the country  has ever known. Courtesy of a collapsed political system, Lebanon is witnessing its third mass-immigration wave, an inflation of 336% in a single year and more than half the population now living below the poverty line.

In HAMBURG, in light of what we’re going through, we’ve decided to change our planned program, and are now presenting an exhibition entitled A sun yellow with anger, with the hope to express our deep reverence for Beirut. Works by ETEL ADNAN, WALID RAAD and RAYYANE TABET, come together to speak about a quotidian that has been on constant repeat throughout the second half of the twentieth century.

Sfeir Semler Gallery in Beirut

Our hearts are full of sorrow and we mourn for Beirut. Thanks to all who thought of us, sent a message, a note or a sign.
We only have material damage to report, and our team is safe and sound.