My speciality was to make a peasants' haircut, but they obliged me work till midnight often, Embroidery on fabric, 2017



Art and Alphabet, 2017, installation view Kunsthalle Hamburg



documenta 14, Athens / Kassel, Installation view 2017





A la Sante, 2015, Three Painted Photographs Embedded in a Cushion 




Paintings, 2016




Embroideries, 2016 




Now Eat My Script, 2014, HD video, color, sound, duration: 24:50 min



Vrijouiligers Stills





After Eight, 2014, Mixed media hand stitched embroideries on textile


Hand stitched embroidery on textile, mixed media, Various dimensions



Reclining Man with Sculpture, 2008-2014, mixed media on canvas, variable dimensions


I strongly believe in our right to be frivolous, 2014


exhibition views Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Beirut




Bassam Ramlawi Paintings, Untitled 1-5, 2010, acrylic on canvas


Bassam Ramlawi Paintings, 2010, acrylic and collage on canvas



Bassam Ramlawi Paintings, Untitled A-F, 2010, acrylic on board



Bassam Ramlawi: From waiting blue to lingering yellow (or vice versa), 2010-2011