Anna Boghiguain, exhibition views Castello di Rivoli, 2017



Woven Winds, 2017, Index, Stockholm



Woven Winds: The making of an economy-costly commodities, 2016


A Walk in the Unconscious, Carré d'Art, Nimes, 2016



SITE Santa Fe, 2016



Positions #2, Van Abbe Museum, 2015


Armenian Pavillion, Venice Biennial, 2015


The Salt Traders, Istanbul Biennial, 2015



Tangore's Post Office, 2013


Unfinished Symphony, 2011-12


Exhibition views Hamburg, 2013, ZYX - XYZ an autobiography-odd times in life


Untitled, Nefrititi, 2011-13 (work group)


Untitled, Revolution, 2011 (work group)


Early Works, 1981-86